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The OCD Clearing Flush Empowerment - by Jay Burrell

EUR 25.00

£25.00  - year 2021

Release from the Symptoms of OCD

Prerequisite: None
The OCD Clearing Flush Empowerment has also been channeled as an open ended attunement.

 This means that the energies of the system are fluidic. 
 A fluidic system is one that grows with the individual who is using the energies. The attunement will expand and grow as you work with the energies and allow the energies to work through you. Each time you activate the energies, you will continue to grow and expand in your awareness of the OCD Clearing Energies. You will also gain new insights into the crystals that are encoded into your auric field meaning that they will give you your own unique energy signatures in how they will help you to clearing and align the mind so you can overcome the effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

You will learn about the followng and much more: 

* The 2 aspects of OCD {Obsessions & Compulsions).

* What causes OCD.

* What is it like to live with OCD.

* Mindfulness. 

* How does Mindfulness Work?

* Mindfulness Exercises.

* Affirmations {Present, Future & Natural}.

* Reiki Principles. 

* Overcoming OCD Behaviours

* Etheric Crystalline Encodings for OCD.

 you will receive pdf Manual and chi ball attunement

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