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Etheric Rose Essence Empowerment by Amanda Hadley

EUR 15.00

year 2021

Etheric Rose Essence Empowerment is a gentle, loving energy from Source that aligns you with the beauty and essence of the Rose. 

During your attunement the essence of Rose is etherically 
placed in your aura and etheric bodies and will always be 
available to you. 
The energies are delicate and soft, filled with angelic overtones and gentleness. 

The energies can be used to help promote self- love, inner beauty, unconditional love, grace, gratitude, positivity, passion, enthusiasm and joy. 

They can help lift your vibration and help you feel closer to Source energy. 
The smell of roses is heavenly and divine and throughout history people have reported smelling roses when in states of deep meditation or prayer and communicating with angels.

 It is thought that angels use roses as a means of communication because roses possess the highest vibration of all plants and flowers.

 Angelic energies vibrate at a very high frequency and it 
is thought that they can communicate through the energy of the rose, which vibrates at 320hz.

 The human body vibrates at about 62-72 hz. 
The Etheric Rose essence Empowerment can help you raise your vibration, freeing you from lower, negative energy forms and lifting you into the realms of unconditional love, acceptance, beauty, harmon and more!

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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