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Theta Release Negative Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 19.99

 Year 2021- 55  euro 

This flow is designed to release negative feelings and emotions, purify the thoughts and body from the traumas of childhood, from the trauma of birth and any other negative states.

The Theta Release Negative Reiki comes from the source of reiki and the higher masters, angels, archangels accompany it.

You can apply the flow steadily and gradually, work with your negative attitudes, you do not have to say what exactly you want to remove and work out.

You just need to activate the flow and new information about you will open up to you, you will be able to learn about the causes of certain problems in your life. 

But this is not necessary, all the work can take place on deep levels and the result will be shown to you in your new reactions to the same problems that previously caused harmful behavior, feelings and emotions for you.

You must to work with the flow as comfortably as possible so that your body can relax the muscles and remove the muscle blocks. During the discharge, your physical body will also be released from the negative. Make sure that your mind and physical body are ready to practice. Don't overload yourself.

You will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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