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Sakura Flowering - Mystical Essence - by Scion

EUR 15.99

year 2021 

The Sakura  ( Cherry ) flower is very popular in Japanese Culture and is a quintessential symbol of Japan.

The variety of  ornamental cherry trees typical of the Japan they flourish, more or less, at the same time, dyeing Japan pink and giving rise to the Hanami phenomenon. ( synonymous with admiring the cherry blossom )

The flowering marks the beginning of spring and being short and intense, it represents the impermanence of life, the delicacy ,fragility, but also rebirth, the beauty of existence and  the desire to savor every moment.

These  wonderful mystical energies brings you   kindness, delicacy, beauty  , healing , strength , stamina , desire to live life with  more joy and much more!

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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