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Archangel Sachiel's 5 Gifts Package by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 49.99

This package contains the following attunements:

Archangel Sachiel's Orb  by  Marijana Gabrielsen 

year  2020 - 

This is a very soothing and comforting energy that is transparent white and bright yellow. When we perform a session with this energy, it forms a protective energy cocoon around the human body. Not only does it protect us from negative and low frequencies, but also from our own negative thought-forms! It is completely normal for us as human beings to have life challenges and sometimes have lower vibration on an emotional scale. When we notice that, this energy is a perfect spiritual aid for raising our vibration. This energy is going to lift us up! Even though it is not connected to any particular chakra, it forms a sphere around our energy field and raises our frequency. Our body, mind, and emotions are boosted!

Archangel Sachiel's Golden Hexagons  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

year 2020  - 

This energy is very interesting and unique! It is very potent and simple to use. The hexagon, as a symbol of balance and harmony, is a very well known and powerful shape in a spiritual world. The energy consists of small hexagons with the gold frequency that fills up our aura for the transformation of negativity. These small hexagons absorb any negativity and transform it. It is a kind of energy “glitter” that acts as a shield of protection. We could say that those hexagons are “the neutralizers of negativity”. It is sometimes possible to “see” sparkles in the shape of hexagons while performing a session with this gift.

Archangel Sachiel's Flower of Spiritual Growth by Marijana Gabrielsen 

year 2020 - 

 This energy is especially good for our personal insights and spiritual growth. It is going to help you create an even stronger connection with Archangel Sachiel, especially if you want to communicate and get messages from him! The energy is called “flower” because it represents the metaphor for growth and flourishing. It is going to help you reveal and manifest your true potentials. This energy is meditative energy so you can relax, enjoy, and blossom spiritually at the same time.

Archangel Sachiel's Cloud of Joy by Marijana Gabrielsen 

year 2020 - 

 This is a completely unique energy because it there for the relaxation of our body. It is going to relax our physical body, our muscles, so it is mainly going to work on the "temple" we got from God. Relaxation of our physical body is extremely important also for spiritual purposes. When we are relaxed and rested, our spiritual work is even better and we do intuitive tasks with a lot more dedication and depth. We can freely say that this is an “energy massage”! After a stressful day at work or hard work out, “apply” this energy and enjoy! Even if you fall asleep in this energy, it is very nice. “Float” in this energy and get the maximum benefits from it.

Archangel Sachiel's Golden Pen of Wisdom  by Marijana Gabrielsen 

year 2020 - 

 This energy represents the perfect tool for boosting our creativity. It is good especially for creative and spiritual writers, novelists, or any other person who does creative work. Since life is a creation, we are all artists of our own reality. Using this energy, we get inspired on a daily basis and everything we do, talk, or write about becomes boosted with creativity. If we let the energy flow through the whole process while we create something, we are going to see how our "piece of art" is sparkling and unique. The purpose of this energy is to bring out the best from us and show it to the world!

you will receive pdf manuals and chi ball attunements

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