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Vitamin D3 999 by Ekaterina Fedosova manual in English or in German


year 2020  - 30 euro 
The flow of Vitamin D3 999 is sent by angels, archangels   for all people. Do not be afraid to apply the flow without   making a blood test for a lack of vitamin D3, because  Vitamin D3 999 will balance the amount of vitamins in the body, will help with its lack, overabundance or norm. 

The flow will be useful for everyone, vitamin D3 is incredibly important for the health of the body, it helps with insomnia, loss of strength, weak immunity, tension and many stress and symptoms. 
Vitamin D3 is responsible for the recovery, healing of the   body during sleep, for the condition of the skin, muscles, proper functioning in many parts of the body, for the most important processes produced in the body, the most important vitamin for newborns and children. 

Stream Vitamin D3 999 use daily for vitamin deficiency, once a month for normal, three or four times a week for excess. 
"Vitamin D is extremely important for the normal   functioning of the body at any age. There are two main  forms: ergocalciferol (D2), which comes exclusively from food, and cholecalciferol (D3), which is formed under the influence of sunlight. 
The main function that vitamin D performs is to help the   body absorb phosphorus and calcium. Severe lack of the second leads to rickets in children and softening of bone tissue in adults, not to mention problems with teeth, nails and hair. Moreover, with age, a person's ability to synthesize vitamin while in the sun decreases, so its additional intake in food becomes vital. 
In addition to the main functions, vitamin D participates in the normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level and affects the immune system. People with a sufficient amount of vitamin in the body are less likely to suffer from colds, and the course of the disease itself passes in a lighter form. There is a reduction in the   symptoms of chronic diseases, up to full recovery. And   some studies prove a positive effect in the prevention of cancer. In particular, the occurrence of colon cancer is reduced by 75%. Vitamin D is also added to psoriasis and eczema ointments for faster healing of affected skin areas." 
Source: portal about health "in form" 
"Effects on the body's systems: 
* Musculoskeletal system. Cholecalciferol strengthens bone and muscle tissue, ligaments. Participates in hematopoiesis. 
In adults, when there is a lack of cholecalciferol, the   bones weaken, osteoporosis develops, and rickets occurs in children. 
• Nervous system. Cholecalciferol activates the   restoration of nerve tissues. The state of neurons affects the contractility of muscles. Healthy nerve fibers  correctly and quickly transmit nerve impulses, control   reflex reactions. 
• Protective mechanism. Cholecalciferol stimulates the   growth of immune cells that protect the body from   invading viruses, bacteria, fungi, and allergens. A strong   immune system stops the development of infections,  cancers, dermatoses, psoriasis. 

 • Endocrine organ. The benefit of vitamin D 3 is that it   controls the carbohydrate balance. The substance  increases the sensitivity to insulin, normalizes the   concentration of sugar in the blood, and prevents the   development of diabetes." 
Source: portal Vitamin.ry 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement 

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