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Magical Defensive Fortress - Advanced Protection- by Scion

£19.99 £49.99

year 2020

Now you realize that " it's time to make your enemies understand how protected you are "!

Working with these advanced energies of protection  it will make you stronger at level physical , emotional and mental . 

They are useful for to strengthen your inner energies ,to create a  inner defensive fortress and build a powerful protection from witchcraft or any other negative powers attacks .

That you realize it or not  they will protect you right and work  to block the hidden attacks, when you are under attack from bad malicious energies  and from negative entities ,witchcraft or any attack with intention and if necessary they also support the recovering and healing process of your body and spirit from the bad influences from the already existed  witchcraft attacks 

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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