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New Opportunity and Prosperity Manifesting - Magical Flow - by Scion

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year 2020

Working with these powers enhances physical & mental vitality , they acts a powerful boost ,are magical forces  very useful when you are  exhausted they inspires and stabilizes your mind ,bring motivation , stimulates creativity , leadership powers and decisiveness, helps to calms anger ,irritation,aggression and more.

Great for manifesting prosperity & wealth , they  brings best results in any new business  or for attract more customers in all your activity already started etc..

These energies  promotes a wellness, contain powerful  powers of protection  helps to prevent the drain of personal energy ,increase in the good vibrations present in your home and works spaces and more.

 They gives you a sense of power,bring wisdom and courage, dispels confusion and  helps decision making, they makes you feel secure and powerful mentally and physically especially when a support is needed during  long times of stress or grief etc..

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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