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Lotus Elixir - Mystical Vibrations - by Scion

EUR 25.00


year 2020

Working with these great energies  lets us become more aware of the gift that life is, and  they teaches us at how not to take  all for granted.

Are  excellent energies  for facilitating deep change ,for leaving the past behind and  they  also can act as a karmic cleanser 

If you are willing to confront some harsh truths about yourself or the people around you  these great energies will be  to aid you to do it drawing immediate attention to problems occurring in your life.

 These energies also aid  us  do not to accept the violence , much people pretend  not to  beknow that  have seen or heard of abuse etc..  

 Working with these energies   encourages us to never be complacent about what occurs in our society, amongst family members, friends, neighbours, or even to ourselves , aid  to take responsibility for our role to look after the community as well as ourselves and understand how the society wellbeing impacts also upon us 

Receive the pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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