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Akashic friends spiritual healing by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.77

year 2019
Before our birth,as you know,we choosed our life path,our family and our experiences  but  one of the most important contract is the one we made with our akashic friends.

these friends were the ones  who told us “yes,i’ll make you learn the lessons you have to learn on earth” so ,in this life,they’re our worst enemies ,are people who hurt us ,who bother us again and again ; usually we think they’re just bad or evil persons  we don't deserve because we’re lightworkers! 

But they’ll  go on giving us problems till we learn the lessons we’re bound to learn.

this system helps you to find out and recognize them but most of all helps you to understand the lessons they bring so you can let them go and grow.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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