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Chiastolite Andalusite Mystical Elixir - Greta's Elixirs by Teresa Rubiolo

EUR 14.99

year 2019

Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite, is a rather rare  beautiful stone with a unique appearance known for the cross-shaped pattern that is formed during crystallization, its veins go to create a celtic cross,on a spiritual and energetic level is a symbol of balance, it represents the union of the four elements precisely because of the natural cross drawn inside it.

 Its name itself derives from the greek chiatos which means cross cross.

These are great sacred energies ,a elixir of protection to keep negative energies away,  to purify the aura, useful  in meditation , promotes your inner growth ,astral travel, to better cope with changes and much more.

As for the chakras instead they harmonizes with the first and third. 

If you are staying for a long time in very crowded environments you can send the energy to the 3rd chakra, it will be an excellent protective shield against the possibility of absorbing negative dissonant energies coming from the surrounding environment.

It will bring you serenity even in difficult times helping you to overcome indecision and fear, in case of fatigue and weakness you can send the energy to the 1st chakra.

 Use also  this power if you are trying to achieve very important goals for yourself  or your customers, the development of a project or other

Not  to be confused with any other energy system that may exist now or in the future

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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