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Marici Goddess of Heavens & Light by Maria Joao Sereno

EUR 5.00

In Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Marici is known as the goddess of the heavens, goddess of light, and a solar deity. Also known elsewhere as Marishi-ten, Marisha-Ten (another Japanese name),  and Mólìzhītiān Púsà. She is believed to be one of the Twenty (or Twenty Four) Heaven Celestials. In Taoism, Marici is known under the epithet of the Dipper Mother (pinyin: Dǒumǔ Yuánjūn).

The origins of Marici are obscure, however she appears to be an amalgamation of Hindu, Iranian, and non-Aryan antecedents spanning 1500 years. She is however identified as a Buddhist "goddess" of light, Marici.

Marici in China is worshiped as both a Buddhist and Taoist deity where she is known as Dipper Mother or Maritchi Deva.

Marici Goddess of Heavens & Light will help you with

Protection of misfortune and evil, robbers, natural disaster, poisonous drugs, and other harm ,Healing ,Maximising energy channeling, Achieve selflessness and compassion,
Wealth & Prosperity ,Success ,Victory ,Fearless ,Audicious,
Spirit Warrior and more. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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