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Servicemen & countrymen Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


 I believe it is possible to receive assistance from invisible Beings.

 Sometimes this can be in the form of protection but it and hearts of others.

 We can also target the principalities governing an area. 

Whatever is done know that change always comes at a price. We mean that is minimal with little damage to all involved. Sometimes a winner, loser, or truce is declared but in reality, is there ever really a winner among so much lost? 

These are enormous losses from which many people and areas may never recover from. The cruelty and lost insurmountable. It is the hope that the energies brought forth with Servicemen & Countrymen Reiki can assist with all areas and help to bring healing to all peoples. 

Level One Helps individuals cope with the separation of family, friends and country or homeland

 Level Two Addresses fears and anxiety of conflict and war 

Level Three Addresses the cruelty (emotional & physical) associated with conflict and war

 Level Four Addresses the emotions of dealing with loss of life to self and others 

Level Five Helps an individual regain a sense of normalcy to life. Assist a person in being able to progress through life without the stench of war and death crippling every move and thought. 

Level Six Connects you with Etheric Beings you may encounter as a result of war or conflict. Connect with them and employ their aid

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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