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Prosperity Transmutation Energy by Daelyn Wolf

EUR 14.99

year 2019

Prosperity Transmutation Energy was given to me by the Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance, Lakshmi. 

The energies of this system works to transmute energies of lack and limitation to prosperity and abundance.

 It helps to increase your flow of money, and works to clear out any negative thought forms you may have that block your prosperity.

 By working to transmute the negative energies that hold back your abundance, this system actually changes those energies into positive, prosperous, abundant energies within your energy fields. 

This boost of powerful transmutation energy opens the gates of prosperity and allows your good fortune and money to flow to you easily.

 This is a very strong energy system that rids you of negative blocks and draws abundance to you.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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