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CZ Card - Mango Groves Essence - by Cuzco Arist Channeller

EUR 19.99

year 2019

The mango it is one of the very few fruits that has found a  place in Hindu religious scriptures, the virtues of mango fruit have been extolled for three thousand years.

 It is said that mangoes were also very dear to Lord Buddha. that he used to meditate in the tranquillity of lush mango groves. 

After you have received the Attunement you can look the image CZ Card and call  the energies, with these high mystical energies also through meditation you can  feel guided ,are wonderful energies useful for your spiritual path and much more , in life you always make good use of good dreams and visions for reach  all your goals.

Here are also some benefits of of the energies channeled in the CZ Card  useful for help facilitate healthy and beauty .

Could help facilitate digestionand  keeps the digestive tract working efficiently, 

Helps boost immunity system , prevents cold/flu.

Boosts overall eye health ,helps improve vision, and even prevents age-related macular degeneration or loss of vision.

 Could help regulate your cholesterol levels too.lowering risk of heart disease and other health issues.

 Clears and repair the skin and aids weight loss and more

The energies described here, their initiation and application, they  do not replace a doctor or naturopath! It is not diagnosed or promised cure! 

Not  to be confused with any other energy system that may exist now or in the future

you will receive pdf manual,CZ Card JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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