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 Namgyalma is the deity who has long been associated with her connection to longevity and the process of spiritual purification.

Namgyalma Vajra Siddhi was channeled to purify your body and soul from any negativities and negative influences from others or from the environment. It will removing any obstacles in your life, purify any negativities and spiritual pollution who becomes barriers and blockages for blessings and positive things come to your life.

Namgyalma Higher Force has a high force of multidimensional healing, so you will have an ability to heals curable and incurable of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual diseases. It is also helps to heal the soul by removing the effects of any vows, curse, emotional attachments, etc.

Namgyalma Higher Force makes you have a strong connection with the Divine, and the Divine love and light always within you, so you can find joy, peace and love, and also realize the Divine existence in your life.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball attunement

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