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Protection & Shielding from Curses, Hexes, & Negative Energy Reiki by Daelyn Wolf manual in English or in Spanish or in German

EUR 14.99

year 2018

This reiki attunement course, protects and shields you from curses, hexes, and negative energy. 

It connects you to the pure powerful source of universal love and light for protection and empowerment.

 Sometimes no matter what you do there are people who will put a curse, hex, or other form of dark, hate energy on you. 

This can be someone that you know, or someone you chance encounter, or even someone from a distant past life or relative who decides to bring bad mojo upon you or your family for generations.

 There are ways to clear these curses, hexes, and negative energy and to break their chain of attachment in your energy or DNA energies.

 And there are ways to protect yourself and those you love from curses, hexes, and negative energies.

 This system is very powerful and is energetically charged to protect and shield you from these dark energies that seek to bring destruction and harm to you.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball attunement

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