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Spirit of the Fox Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf Manual in English or in German


year 2014

The Spirit of the Fox Empowerment connects you quickly to the energies of the fox. It works to help you with being alert and aware of all that goes on around you. 

The fox helps you also with outsmarting the circumstances, 
being cunning enough to figure a way around obstacles and issues, and also with being able to discern the truth.

 Fox helps you to know when someone is trying to deceive you. 

The energies of this attunement are quick to access and helpful in any situation.

 This is a very empowerment attunement. 
The fox is a wonderful spirit guide—so cunning and swift. 

They are delightful to watch if you have ever seen one. tail. 

 To those who connect to the fox energies, fox brings intelligence, cunning, knowledge, figuring things out.

 He brings in playfulness, happiness, and truth.

 When you work with the energies of fox you begin to notice you are more alert, more aware of things, and you see beyond the surface of things. 

Fox has a great sense of instinct and is an opportunist. As such, you will discover new opportunites. 

Whenever things seem to be going wrong, call on fox energy to help you see the opportunites that are in front of what appears to be a bad situation. 

Fox sees truth of the situation and knows there is something good there among all that seems to be going  wrong.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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