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Spiral Meditation Inspiration Bug Empowerment by Linda Colibert

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Don’t ask me how this system actually came to me—I cannot really explain it. I just was thinking I was suppose to channel something new, and not being sure what it was, I began to digitally draw. 

The spirals in the eyes came first and then it trickled down into the nose. The colors—I was thinking of the sun, the brightness and started with yellow, orange, then red. As the picture developed, and the energies were being drawn in from Spirit, I found that I could not take my eyes off it. I added the white light sun starburst and my third eye began to tingle.

 At first, I thought this was just a funny, cute picture, but as I worked with it, the energies became so strong and that third eye tingle was a third eye vibration that is open to receive 
positive energies and knowledge. 

The energies of this picture had to be the start of this system. 

It holds a power that is mesmerizing and draws you to it. If you gaze at it, your third eye opens and tingles and begins to absorb wisdom, inspiration, and guidance from the universal source. 

 This system is like no other I have channeled, in that is powerful, in came to me so fast, and you can feel it 
just by looking at the picture and gazing into the spiral eyes of this cute little bug. Spiral Meditation Inspiration Bug Empowerment connects you to the Creative Source Energy to fill you with love, light, and wisdom. 

The energies will enhance your psychic abilities, and expand your ability to grasp spirit messages. It helps with guidance and offers you wisdom so that you can create positive actions and resources to solve any problem. It also helps you absorb knowledge and guides you on your path. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball attunement

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