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Cosmic Money Beings Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

 A little help from a Cosmic Being goes a very long way. These Cosmic Beings work with money, finance, economics, trade, business, investing and any dealings Involving money in any realm. The cosmic beings have a different reach Which Allows them to move across dimensional boundaries.


Level One - Detoxification 

This energy system continues the removal of any negative or conflicting information. This would be any information learned That would inhibit your ability to communicate with the cosmic beings. At this level you want to consciously make the effort to release anything That would slow or impede your growth at this time. That this does not mean you know everything but to release That you instruct your bodies to do so across dimensions. When the information does come into conscious thought make sure you do not argue with it but release it. Big, small, important, or insignificant does not matter just release it vice thinking about it over and over and then refilling it for use later.

 Level Two - recoding 

The energy Also makes adjustments That causes a type of recoding towards cosmic energy to occur. This helps to open and adjust the receptors Within Your energy field know That You are incendio notice When cosmic beings are Attempting to communicate with you. This energy Appears To Enhance the receptors That Were Establish or awakened in the Angelic Beings Money system.

 Level Three - Activation 

The flow of the cosmic energy is now activated So That energy may travel in Both directions between you and cosmic beings. You are now at liberty to use the open That lines of communication exists between you and the Cosmic Beings Money

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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