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Cosmic Combinations Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

 Combinations Cosmic Energy assists you in putting together arrangements That will work well for you.

 These could be in your business or personal life. 

The energy is limited only by you and what you choose to use it with. 

Need help picking out the best outfit and accessories, furniture for a room or food for an event.

 In the energy business can help you When Assigning people to projects, coming up with products or offers for you the customer base, advertising, etc. 

Combination Cosmic Energies can assist you in any area.

 This energy may help to tip the scales in favor of your direction by giving you an edge.

 Your gain is not ill-gotten, but well deserved, as long as you are not causing someone or something to suffer by your gains 

Allow the Cosmic energy Combinations to work with you to develop the most beneficial combinations for you

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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