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Tumor Release Reiki Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

Tumor Release energy addresses the various stages of a tumor

. It is an aggressive energy similar to the Cancer Relief energy, but the two areas (tumors, cancer) are and can be very different.

 prerequisites: Anyone may receive but you must be a Reiki Master to pass attunement. You may also Chelating find Reiki to be helpful.

  Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician. Reiki is used as a supplemental aid and holistic and not as alternating medicines or care. It works in a subtle manner and can address many different aspects of your being. Always Consult your Physician early When the need arises.

Tumor Release Energy Tumors or abnormal growths Appear Throughout the body in all shapes and sizes.

 They are Caused by many different things.

 Most are an excessive accumulation of cells. The body They could be producing too many and they find a common place to adhere to; or the body is reproducing cells at a normal rate but the old cells are not shedding as they Should. On the other hand, These can be the result of cells That are no longer of use to the body but will not pass out of the body. 

They adhere to an internal surface Resulting in a lump or mass.

 Also they can be the result of pollutants in the environment or foreign matter Introduced into the body. In any case, the abnormal growth or mass has the potential to turn into cancer but does not always do so.

 The human body, being the most intricate organism That We Know, Adjusts to everything That comes into contact with it. The body is always striving to reach or maintain optimum health.

 Unfortunately, we do not always keep in mind That point but allow our actions to be guided by our tastes, likes, dislikes, emotions, etc. what our body needs usually you comes last. Researching the causes of tumors and Preventing them is an ongoing battle and the results are slow in coming. Tumor Release Focuses energy on every stages of a tumor. this energy will look to dissolve, loosen and / or breakup any tumorous mass So That the body may pass it. Also tumor release energy may be used as a preventative maintenance to help body pass the excess cells before they adhere to a surface.

 Like other forms of Reiki, the system of energy can be used on oneself or others as Often as one feel it's needed.

 Tumor Release 

Levels Level 1 

Works to clear and open the body's feeder system (feet, knees, hips, and shoulders). Shoulders and hips are primary centers. The knees are secondary, leaving the hands and feet as tertiary points.

 Level 2 

In this level the energy targets the abnormal cells or growths rom feet of the individual to his / her brain .. This is an aggressive step Because the rate of growth of abnormal cells (cells the body does not need but do not want to leave) can be aggressive. The body sheds and reproduces cells daily. 

Level 3 

On this level the energy flushes debris (targeted) cells from the body. This is an Also aggressive steps Because some debris adheres and builds up in areas of the body Resulting in tumors.

 Level 4

 This level works to rebuild healthy cells where needed in the organs and the body. Violet / Indigo frequencies Should be used to flood Their systems. This helps to raise the patients' vibrations higher than the foreign malignancy

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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