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Cancer Relief Energy by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

 Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician. Reiki is used as a supplemental aid and holistic and not as alternating care or medicines. It works in a subtle manner and can address many different aspects of your being. Always Consult your Physician When early the need arises.

Cancer Relief Energy

 There are many types of cancer.

 Some are detected early and some run rampant through the body before being detected

. Cancer may start as a tumor or may be the result of an outside force such as smoking, asbestos, lead, etc.

 The research to find causes and cures is ongoing, tedious, and slow.

 Many lives lost to sono stati cancer and many people sono stati forced to make drastic changes in order to maintain some level of comfort or normalcy. 

Cancer relief energy Focuses on all stages of cancer to help the body remove it. It is an aggressive energy similar to the energy Tumor Release but Also addresses the area of rebuilding healthy cells. 

This energy Operates on the etheric realm.

Cancer Relief Levels 

Level 1 

Clears and opens the body's feeder system (feet, knees, hips and shoulders). Shoulders and hips are primary centers. The knees are secondary, leaving the hands and feet as tertiary points.

 Level 2

 Moves from feet to brain targeting the abnormal cells / growths. This is an aggressive steps Because the rate of growth of abnormal cells (cells the body does not need but do not want to leave) can be aggressive. The body sheds and reproduces Daily cells and the cells it sheds must exit the body or they will attach to an inner surface and causes problems.

 Level 3

 Works to flush debris (targeted) cells from the body. This is an aggressive Also steps Because some debris adheres and builds up in areas of the body Resulting in cancer.

 Level 4

 Helps to rebuild healthy cells where needed in the organs and the body

Level 5 

Violet / Indigo frequencies are Introduced into the body to flood the various systems and areas of the body. This helps to raise the patients' higher vibrations than the foreign malignancy. 

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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