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Cosmic Blood System Booster by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

 The Cosmic Blood System Booster works with the Cosmic energy Blood System. It assists in the reproduction of healthy blood cells and it helps to increase to the frequency of the cosmic blood cells.

 prerequisites: You must have received all levels of the Cosmic Blood System.

 Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician, healthcare provider, or service providers. Reiki is used as a spiritual tool, supplemental or holistic aid and not as alternate medicines, care, treatments, or procedures. These types of energy tools are faith-based in nature and work in a subtle manner but can address many different aspects of your being and life. Always Consult your Physician, healthcare, service provider or early When the need arises.

 Cosmic Blood System Energy Booster Cosmic Blood Booster is helpful in Increasing the body's ability to reproduce healthy blood cells. The body is better draw the materials together to help blackberries form of These vital cells. This material comes from within the body and from the various dimensions of the Universe.

Level 1

 Red blood cells are the fluid of life for the body. The body is helped to maintain an optimum level of this liquid fluid life. An optimum red blood count helps to energize the body.

 Level 2 

White blood cells are aided energetically to help speed up Their production.

 Level 3

 Cosmic blood cells to receive frequency adjustment When this is used. These blood cells automatically reproduce at a rate That is most beneficial for the individual. They Increase according to Functional the person's needs. The cells are now formed with a higher frequency than before

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunements

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