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Guilt Free Money Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


This energy comes to help improve your relationship with money During holidays while feeling good about what you do spend. 

Guilt Free Money Reiki helps to: 

 Decrease overspending 

 Decrease impulse spending 

 Decrease spending to gain approval 

 Decrease guilt associated with gift giving 

 De-stressor in association with gift giving 

The Majority of actions Involving the spending of money abuse the delicate That relationship you have with money. Many of These spending actions Increase  exponentially During the holidays.

 All of These actions have repercussions. In the short term a person may or may not receive some measure of gratification or stress as a result of These actions. The long term affects can be somewhat damaging mentally, physically, and financially.

Selecting and delivering the gift as well as dealing with the debt that's left in the wake of spending oftentimes places an immeasurable amount of stress and strain on the psyche. Many are riddled with the inability to pay debts were accumulated That During the holidays Because a person's debt may Increase  so drastically and so quickly During The major holiday season.

 The energy of this system can be used all year long When having to make purchases. It was called in to be used for days and seasons That in society Expects gifts to be Purchased and Exchanged. The energy helps you to be  responsible in the area of spending money without feeling guilty or ashamed afterwards. 

 Receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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