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Entrepreneur Reiki II by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


The Entrepreneur II energy helps you make the best decisions for the growth and the successful sustainability of your business.

 prerequisites Entrepreneur The Reiki 

Energy Entrepreneurs head and own businesses That range in size from small to large. The business may grow to service Thousands and occupy several locations. 

Levels Level 1 Trends

  you can keep ahead of the trends . The emotions associated with a need, want, or desire is what They drive people to do things they never thought they would. These emotions are what fuel the customer's buying actions and give momentum to a trend. They can mean very large traffic and profits for your business. this levels helps you get tuned in with the many aspects Involved with trends.

 Level 2 Marketing 

The energy helps to attune you to the areas Concerning marketing a product, service, or business. You are better  make the most of your advertising dollars. 

Level 3 Expansion 

The energy works now to help you in expanding your business. this could b Increasing the size of the business or what is provided to the customer. it Also could mean opening new stores. 

Level 4 Sustainability

 In this level, the energy works to help you keep peace with your business and the business world around you.

Receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement 

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