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Entrepreneur Reiki I by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


Entrepreneur Reiki helps attune you to the vibrational frequency of the various energies Involved in owning your own business.

 It is for the small business owner or for someone looking to start his / her own business. 

For the business owner, it reinforces the Entrepreneurial skills and helps him / her to better his / her business. 

Those looking to start a business  progress with ease. 

Level 1 - mindset 

This level Focuses on making the changes Necessary That assists in moving you forward as an entrepreneur. 

Level 2 - Transition 

The energy works with you to move you from the employee class to Owner positions 

Level 3 - business plan 

This level is Concerned with the foundational aspect of a business. it Involves a good workable idea, a well thought out plan, the ability to prioritize at all times, the ability to receive or access the appropriate financing.

 Level 4 - launching 

The energy now Focuses on Bringing together all aspects including the right employees and then presenting the business to the world. 

Level 5 - branding 

This level moves energetically to help move your company forward in marketplace through branding. Making your company's brand to household name.

Receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement 

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