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Cosmic Money Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


  prerequisites : Money Matters Reiki is the first system in the Money Mastery Series.

 This series of energies work together to help bring money into your control. It helps to dissolve old thoughts, actions, and patterns That hinder your progression. These energies Also focus on creating roadways for money to as to you, helping you identify forms of money, formulated ideas & plans to bring money to you, and much more.

 Many people are on a different level and path and may not require the entire series. Each system compliments the other and opens a different aspect to explore.

Cosmic  Money Energy  is directed at changing and expanding you Knowledge Concerning money. 

This subtle energy works through multiple dimensions to gather and bring information to you That You are then use.

 It helps to increase to your reach by moving you beyond the Earth plane of your existence.

You are  apply the That knowledge and information comes to you in various ways and even use them to refine your moneymaking plans.

Cosmic energy Money helps you to push past what your conscious mind perceives as tangible as access real useful knowledge. This knowledge will Both work in the etheric and natural realms. The cosmic energy is  touch or go where other energies can not. 
 Run or activate Money Cosmic energy as Often as you feel the need. it is especially good to use Whenever You need to refine or Increase your Knowledge Concerning money

Receive  pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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