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Money Matters Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


 There are no prerequisites for this system.

 Money Matters Reiki is the first system in the Money Mastery Series.

 This series of energies work together to help bring money into your control. It helps to dissolve old thoughts, actions, and patterns That hinder your progression. These energies Also focus on creating roadways for money to as to you, helping you identify forms of money, formulated ideas & plans to bring money to you, and much more.

 The Money Matters is the prerequisite for all other systems in the series Because It lays a wonderful foundation and helps to rid you of some old things while prepareing for new energetic work. Many people are on a different level and path and may not require the entire series. Each system compliments the other and opens a different aspect to explore. 

Money Matters Energy The Money Matters Energy works with you in all matters Concerning money. 

There is much more to money than just gathering it to oneself. Many focus only on whether or not they have enough and how to get more Most of the thoughts and actions of an individual keep them in a cycle of not having enough money and always trying to get . Money Matters Energy Focuses on all things money and what That Involves; what it is, its purpose, its uses, how to make it circulate.

This energy targets The Teachings That you've received Concerning money. it helps to dissolve away the incorrect information That would cause you to sabotage yourself. This information feeds your thoughts and fuels your actions and causes you to work towards goals you can not Seem to reach. this information causes you to repeat the same actions over and over even though they do not yield the results you desire.

Money Matters Energy then works to lay an energetic foundation That will be receptive to new information Concerning money. This new information will help you develop useful productive thoughts about money. 
actions will be fueled by  productive thoughts enabling your actions to thrust you forward to reach your goals.

 Level One Works to dissolve away old thoughts and misconceptions Concerning money 

Level Two Assists in dissolving away old self sabotaging habits and actions Concerning money 

Level Three Works in l aying an energetic foundation That will receive new and beneficial information Concerning money 

Receive  pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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