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Cosmic Abundance Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


Cosmic Abundance Reiki  is part of  the Multi-Level Prosperity series. 

prerequisites: Multi-Dimensional Money 

The focus of this series of systems will be: Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance.

The remaining systems may be taken in any order after receiving the Multi-Dimensional Money system.

Cosmic Abundance Energy helps bring abundance to you from every possible place, realm, and dimension. 

This energy is quite subtle and fine. The very nature of cosmic Energy touches everything. 

Cosmic Energy is a mysterious energy Because We have yet to figure out just how it works.

 Many things are created (stars, planets, nebulas, etc.), and we have no idea what really causes them to appear or disintegrated.

 We do know That it (energy) exists in a manner That can only be classified as cosmic. it maybe on a tangible level described as being similar to mist, fog, or vapor.

 Cosmic energy Appears to be on the DNA aspect of creating galaxies.

 Being in abundance 

That means you have more than what you need.

Receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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