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Coco de Mer Waterfall by Stewart Farqhuarson

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 Deep in the Seychelles islands off the east coast of Africa are the curious and rare coco de mer palms.

 These giants grow from 20 to 30 meters tall, and bear some of the largest seeds in the natural world. The male has giant tree catkin flowers Which are phallic. The female tree has large double-nuts Which resemble female parts. Some scientists thought this was the original tree species Tree of Life from the garden of Eden.

 Hindu fishermen valued the nuts as the feminine equivalent to the lingam stones of Shiva.

 The Islanders Themselves think the bad tree wanders in the night to the female tree and makes love. But humans who spy on the magic become black parrots! I combine the unashamed expression of the coco de mer with the exuberant beauty of waterfalls to make an energy That flashes alive inside us. A very adult and lively, dancing vibration.

 A celebration of humor and sex and wisdom, and yet calm forest shade and smooth pools too.

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