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Softly Kundalini by Stewart Farquharson

EUR 6.99


Calm your inner energy and clear your channels.

 What is Kundalini or gTummo? 

Kundalini is an active method to clear the energy channel along your thorns. The myth says there is a firey serpent coiled at the base of your thorns and it can move upward, releasing your energy and Bringing good health and even psychic powers. 

More important it can help you concentrated on the empty state of your true mind. GTummo is what Kundalini is called in Tibet.

 What does it involve?

 Meditators have found That our energy follows our attention. I know in Kundalini you focus on your navel area to gather energy, and then higher Up to Encourage it to flow upwards. It will stimulate a response from your brain. Is it safe? Yes, When You prepare yourself. You Should have a clear conscience, and a calm mood

This energy system is intended for relaxation and wellness and spiritual grow

Receive manual and chi ball attunement

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