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Who Am I? Reiki by Stewart Farquharson

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 This flavor of Reiki is based on the Teachings of Ramana Maharshi and on personal experience. Ramana Maharshi was a sixteen year old boy living in the south of India When He had what we call today a panic attack. He was afraid of dying. But he was Also very stubborn and wanted to be free of this fear. I know he tried something unusual. Already he ACTED as if he had died. h lay still, tried not to breathe, and kept silent. And he found His point of view of Self changing.

 He fled through all His emotions and ideas down to the viewer inside His Head. The part That watched him of ideas and emotions.

 And he turned this awareness upon itself. He asked, What is this? Who Am I? And he developed a deep sense of this wordless "That", and held to it in meditation, and discovered a wonderful peace and bliss welling up from His heart. 

This experience he called Reality.Or Realization.

 Maharshi says we all have this deep inner Self, Which is Spirit and is the only true thing about us.

 That we chase after mysterious religious rites and spiritual methods, When All we have to do is ask ourselves Who Am I?

 Who is the I Within Me?

 When I try to practice this, I do feel an inner thing Which is aware and watching and fills me up, but it is hard to put into words. I also feel at peace and happy. And sort of "expanded" as to who I am. It's as if my "usual" sense of myself is a tight knot, but this "deep self" or "thatness" is a looser field of Being. And it Recognizes something similar in other things.

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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