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Grandmaster Ascension Level by Stewart Farquharson

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  Reiki is a gentle healing energy Which flows where it does the most good, and is passed by initiation. 

It came from Japan to Hawaii and then to the west. Qi Gong is the system of using natural energy to keep personal Force lively and healthy. It Has Been Used in China for millennia. Reiki grandmaster, for levels 5 to 17, an attempt to Combine the two, was thought to be advanced and Reiki originally came from Germany. Students would add new Chinese symbols but the energy did not get much of a write-up. 

This manual Aims to correct that.

 Gathering Qi Qi is a natural and invisible energy found in nature. Humans can take it into Their bodies by breathing, by walking barefoot on the earth, by soaking in water, by basking in the sunlight, and from food and drink. Trees help Also, as does the moon and the stars of the Big Dipper. Any place will help you enjoy outdoors you get Qi. Exercise and fun and laughter will bring positive Qi. Respectful sex will bring Qi. One way to get Qi is by stepping into postures, almost like a graceful dance for one person. standing Meditation This is a very good thing to do. It relaxes you and lets your qi move correctly.

manual very good 

receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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