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Noisy Neighbours Reiki by Stewart Farquharson

EUR 6.99


Yes there's hope

 I know.

 You can not sleep, can not relax, can not play and can not work - and your neighbors do not Seem to care how noisy they are. and your manager does not want to do anything about them.

 How frustrating! But there is hope.

 You can use this spiritual approach to solve the situation.

 This reiki gets Universal Energy Healing, Wisdom, and Love to rescue you.

Call on three things:

 1. Consideration - for your neighbors to be considered towards you and your need for sleep and peace for you to consider what personal problems are making your noisy neighbors know 

2. Healing - for your neighbor to be healed from the issues Which make His or her life so unpeaceful for you to be healed into a safe, happy, and peaceful home where you can sleep

3. Hope - for everyone to love and be happy with each other, and be understanding of each other. 

Receive manual in english and chi bal attunement

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