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Crystal Skulls oh my by Stewart Farquharson

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What are the crystal skulls?

 You may have seen people holding large transparent rock skulls at New Age gatherings.

 Skulls are popular.

 Their owners Regularly talk to them, and display them at shows. 

Their psychic energy can be felt ten feet away

. They even get Consulted about Atlantis and UFO's

. How did this come about?

The Mexico Connection Around 1400 BC Indians in river valley near San Lorenzo created stone pyramids and beautiful art. The most striking are the giant heads. The people are called "Olmecs" nowadays but probably called Themselves Tamoanchan or Tenocelome, Which means Mouths of the Jaguar. Their villages were humble huts near cornfields in the jungle. Avocado, cocoa trees, and herbs grew in Their gardens. They hunted deer, fish and small animals such as possums. Their gods were Those of rain, corn, earth, and the jaguar feathered serpent

In the 1850's farm workers stumbled upon a giant head hidden in the jungle. A scientist investigated. Of course this led to a speculative black market in Olmec relics, including fake ones. Skulls carved in rock crystal from Germany Appeared on the auction tables of Paris and London. This was the time of intense interest in spirit-rapping, Ouija boards, séances and magic fraternities. So it was natural to bring the crystal skulls Into the mystic fashion. And the pyramids of Mexico, the Atlantic ocean, the star calendars Seemed to point to somewhere ... Atlantis and Mu Also around this time people Began to speculate about a mythical That continent had supported a marvelous civilization. Strange crystal cities radiated peace and love. It was named Mu. and for some reason it sank beneath the Pacific Ocean. But the skulls, people said, kept its knowledge safe for later generations.

Heads In Legend A European tradition holds That times "between" such as dusk and dawn are magical. And places "between": such as the edge of a lake or small clearings inside a forest are doorways to the spirit world. A skull can be said to exist in Both death and life, with the magic and wisdom of "between."

 Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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