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Seven Lucky Gods of Japan by Stewart Farquharson

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The Shichi Fukujin The Seven Lucky Gods are beloved, teased, and will be honored in small shops and roadside shrines all over Japan. 

They are: Hotei - the chubby laughing monk with the big belly you can rub for good luck. (pronounced Ho tay) He carries a bag and I love children. He is aware of the reality behind this world of dreams. Jurojin - he carrieds in with staff to magic scroll tied to it, Which tells the lifespan of all things, and wears a floppy hat. h has a white beard, and is the grandson of the hermit Fukurokujo the South Pole Star. He gives long life. He Bishamonten - he is a warrior, with a pike and armor but he defends you from enemies. He holds a treasure Which he gives away. He is connected with the Hindu god Kubera In His form Vaisravana, god of the north. As such, he can control wild nature spirits and fairies and magic. Fukurokujo - he has an unusually tall bald head, and brings satisfaction, wealth and long life. His friends Are The crane and black deer. He is a hermit from the mountains. Benzaiten - she is the goddess of knowledge and music and beauty, and all things Which flow. She is connected with the Hindu goddess Saraswati who rules wisdom and eloquence. She holds a lute to play music upon, and it is aided by dragons and snakes and water.

Daikoku - he is the god of rice crops and prosperity, and holds a magic mallet Which brings gold. His animals are mice. He carries a sack of grain but it Also may hold other treasures. He is a kitchen god. Very happy and dark in the face, he is connected with the Hindu god Shiva in His Dark aspect as Mahakala of Tibet. Ebisu - god of fishermen, shown with a fishing-pole and a fat fish. He was born without arms and legs and thrown into the ocean to drown, but struggled ashore. Although he grew limbs by perseverance, he is still a little deaf and does not hear the bell month When the other gods of Japan are called to heaven ... so he remains on earth and helps When no other god will hear us. He is a dear friend of Daikoku. On New Years day the seven lucky gods arrive on Their treasure ship the Takarabune and give gifts to everyone. Children receive envelopes with images of the ship, and with money inside. 

I know this energy brings success, good luck, prosperity, joy, wisdom and long life.

Receive manual in English ,chi ball attunement

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