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Pale Green Muscovite empowerment by Stewart Farquharson

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 This beautiful stone is simply a milky-green form of mica, the mineral That adds sparkles to Aventurine quartz.

 It has chromium atoms 

That color it in gentle green, the color of some glacier lakes.

 It is useful for healers Because It gives the wisdom to step back and see if Efforts will actually help in our situation. 

Sometimes people need to solve issues by themselves to learn the lesson.

 Also it soothes physical injuries, balances hot and cold energy, deflects any negativity in a subtle way, and works well with nature spirits.

 White Tara is an ascended master who works well with These vibrations of peace and detachment.

 Green Tara helps with healings and joy.

 Spirit animal helpers may include glacier wildlife such as snow leopards, chamois, brown bear, marmot, trout and eagle.

 Unicorns may help.

 Some dragons are peaceful and wise enough to work with Muscovite.
 was used as natural crystal windows in stoves, so even fire dragons may be summoned.

Receive manual in English ,chi ball attunement

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