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Orgone Reiki Diffuser by Stewart Farquharson

EUR 6.99


What is Orgone Energy?

 A student of Freud named Wilhelm Reich took the idea of the That Freud named libido sexual force, and said it was part of the natural energy of all living things.

 He called this orgone.

 Freud had Said That freeing people from repressive beliefs and Also memories over sex would make them healthier. so Reich  orgone generating thought would do the same. 

He The proposed the idea That organic materials such as wood and wax collected orgone energy from the cosmos, and metals It radiated it.

Uses of Orgone Energy

 What are some of the benefits of this energy? 

It can make you feel healthier,  relaxed,  in touch with your intuition and your spirit guides.

 It can refresh the atmosphere of a room and defuse any negative energy. 

It can drive away negative entities and remove unwanted body programs. House plants enjoy Water That Has Been left near an orgonite device.

 These are what some people claim, but You Should try it and decide for yourself.

Receive manual in English ,chi ball attunement 

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