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Humble Fairy Herbs: Marshmallow, Calendula, Clover by Stewart Farquharson

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This reiki empowerment will attune you to the gentle energy of three fairy-blessed 

flowers: Marshmallow (Althea), Pot Marigold (Calendula) and Clover (Trifolium). 

Marshmallow Yes, this herb was made ​​into the That predated modern confections marshmallows we love so much, but it's root has more to offer. it acts line to our stomach and intestines and soothes ulcers and burns. in a tea it soothes sore throats. it can be mashed warm as a poultice for bruises and infections. people also use an infusion for Coughs, insomnia and diarrhea.

 It is Mentioned in medicinal scrolls from Egypt. In old France confectioners would whip the sap and then sweeten it with honey.

 In the Burning Times, witches smeared Their Hands with mallow before Submitting to grasping hot irons. it protected them from a burn, I know the courts found them innocent.

 Malva sylvestris, or Common Mallow is a closely related herb but it has less healing ability and dark violet flowers.

Calendula (Pot Marigold) Most of us have met this herb in skin creams, since it is wonderfully healing for nicks and bruises. It combines well with lavender for this. it Reduces swelling and soothes pain.

 It also has anti-septic properties, and helps with acne.

 It was used to see the fairies And Also guard against night goblins since it has solar energy .

 Clover We know this in two forms: white clover and red clover. Both make lovely honey and add nitrogen to the soil. Red clover and has isoflavons Which minerals fight cancer, and it can detoxify and help with gout. People have reported it calms them and Reduces joint pain.

 Clover was one of the herbs used to see the fairies. A pasture filled with clover blossoms and buzzing bees makes a very relaxing setting.

Receive manual in English ,chi ball attunement 

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