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Enchanted Hedgerows by Stewart Farquharson

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Enchanted Hedgerows by Stewart Farquharson

What is a hedge?

 Hedgerows are narrow walls of earth or stone topped with wildflowers, herbs, briars, and small trees  they  separate  fields and run alongside roads. 

 Who lives in a hedge?

 Grow Here The  Trees ,Flowers  and  also herbs for healing ,here  mice, moles, hedgehogs, rabbits and hide  under the prickles of roses and brambles.

 Birds  may rest in the upper branches , Foxes, badgers, weasels and pass through the hedge on Their travels.

Why are hedges enchanted?

 Places where one thing Becomes another Considered are the special haunt of fairy folks, and powerful places for magic and healing energy.
Which plants are special to fairies and  useful in defensive magic 

Fairies  likes Hawthorn blossoms and berries Wild Rose protects, soothes, helps with romance and self-esteem. 

gorse blossoms are beloved by the elves and give help with sleep

You can use the magic of hedgerows in your reiki healing

you  receive the  pdf manual and distant attunement chi ball

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