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Nine Witches of Brittany by Stewart Farquarson

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Ile de Sein Brittany 

Just south of Cornwall across the water known as the English Channel ,lies the land of Brittany.A place with a great darl forest called Broceliande in the Arthurian legends and rocky coasts ,and bleak moors haunted by goblins and standing stones and beautiful golden haired mermaids who carried men off to be their lovers.

Seins is in the red box.The holy island is just a few feet above sea level .It is covered in grass and bare rocks  guarded by dangerous reefs and home to dolphins and grey seals .One can only reach it with much care even today .When the Romans were invading France then called Gaul it was even more diffccult 

Some Magics of the Sea Witches 

Seer Stones :

Aqua Aura ,KYanite,Charoite,Seraphinite

Receive manual english language,chi ball attunement ,lineage 

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