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Alien Aura Devices Reiki by Stewart Farquarson

EUR 6.99


The Coming  of the Star People

According to some metaphysicians and psychics our Earth has been visited by people from other planets

What does an Implant Look Like ?

To your inner eye these things may resemble simple shapes such as pyramids ,cubes ,cylinders and stars and spheres.Some have babed limbs.They do not move.Some twinkle and glow dimly.Some are concealed under a shimmeringlayer of light that males them transparent and ghost -like

The implants affect our reasoning ,our emotions and our psychic abilities.They don't usually cause physical harm because the aliens need us to be healthy  and to breed .However our own resistance to these things may affect our health body

When you have detected an implant there are many ways you can remove or inactivate them

Receive manual english language ,chi ball attunement. lineage 

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