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Rainforest Reiki from Violet Paille

EUR 5.00

Rainforest Reiki energy healing and working with the animal kingdom.

Rain forest

Reiki uses the vast power of the animal kingdom to promote healing, beautiful animals of the wonderful world of animals have become our friends, pets, as well as our totem animals so it's no wonder that we feel deeply related to these animals.L'energia Reiki Rain forest allows us healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Rainforest Reiki provides an 'Energy Attunement to the rainforest and the Totem

Animals. The manual provides information about the importance of the rain forest animals, totems, totem types, and includes totem meditations, as well as information on intuitive healing. It 'a nice system that connects them to the beauty of the plants and animals' interests pluvial forest.

Receive attunement chi ball, manual lineage

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