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Alchemy Reiki Master by Violet Paille

EUR 5.00

Alchemy Reiki is the study of scientific and transmutation transformations.

We use this form of science as a metaphor for spiritual transformation.

Alchemy Reiki is not about releasing the negative, but rather take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Alchemy Reiki works in the same way as the ancient alchemists, transforming and transmuting negative energy into positive spiritual energy and therefore the entire body for the greater good.

In Reiki Alchemy Manual found

Alchemy History


Chinese alchemy

The Egyptian alchemy

Arabian Alchemy

Alchemy European

Alchemists English

Alchemy in the seventeenth

Our debt to the alchemists

alchemy theory

self Transmutation

Hands on Transmutation

Transmutation away

activation process

there are no prerequisites.

Receive activation with chi ball, Manual in English and lineage

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