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Indian Peacock By Farhad Najafi



The Peacock animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and Its magickal properties are One of the Most Influential of all animal totems.

The splendid Peacock Totem possesses

The following Virtues: magick, respect, honor and love, long lasting relationships,

Powers of strong attraction, seeing into the past, present and future, personal pride,

clairvoyant gifts, protective power, Dignity, recognition, prominence, good luck, bad

charisma, beauty, power, self-confidence, Shamanistic healing energy and the

Wisdom to Know When to prominently display your assets.

Peacocks  signify luck and intuitive powers.   They are a spiritual animal Providing

insight, beauty and words of wisdom to Those Who Seek Their spirits council and


receive manual,  attunement  chi ball  , & lineage

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