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Australian Magpie Empowerment by Brenda "Silverwolf" Hanlon

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Australian Magpie Empowerment 

Related to the crow the magpie is an intelligent and adaptable bird.

The magpie asks us to wake up and be conscious in every area of our life.

 Magpie is a greatly magical creatures, and spiritually Tends to confer protection upon you oz en Enters Your Life The magpie comes into our lives to tell us to focus on our homes,

 is our home protected?

 Do we have the luxury of material security? Magpie brings These aspects into focus. Magpie is an animal That comes into our lives to tell us That it's okay to have irrational fears. Magpie helps us confront That Which we fear irrationally, and does so in a gentle and compassionate manner. Magpie, 

 The black and white coloring of the magpie associates them to the world of magic, prophecy and witchcraft. 

They know how to live Within the light and the dark simultaneously and understand the pros and cons of both.

 Magic is symbolic of creation. Occult knowledge must be fully understood before it can be used in a beneficial way.

you will receiv epdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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