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Archangelic Flames Initiation by Anna May

EUR 6.99


This connection takes place for the purpose of facilitating the self-healing and invoking those qualities you need to manifest your full potential and live an abundant and fulfilling life. In this journey to wholeness you will be asking the Archangels to suppose and facilitate each initiative, and through their support you will cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship with not only yourself and others but also a deeper connection with everything around you.

There are four initiations within the Archangelic Flames Initiation System that will help you to achieve the following:

A releasement of negative and restrictive belief systems and thought patterns.

Allowing you to become open to the possibilities of pure happiness.

Allowing abundance and prosperity to enter all areas of your life.

Helping you to manifest goodness in all areas of your life.

 Helping you to create the reality that you truly deserve.

A closer and more meaningful connection and awareness of the divine universal consciousness.

Aids you in developing a loving relationship with the Archangels.

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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