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The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique by Anna May

EUR 7.99


In particular the Avalonians and Lemurians were instrumental in bringing these high vibrational connections to her. 

In a channeled message, Lemurian Goddess Amara states the purpose of the Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique:
Through work with the full spectrum that is inherent in pure white, Universal Life Force Energy, you are concentrating the facets of this Light.  The purified components of this force can be used to refine and tailor your healing work, so that you may work with more precision, intensity and success;restoring balance and energizing the whole system. When harmony is restored and maintained at an energetic level, it is reflected in all aspects of your life and subsequently affects those around you; when your energy is raised and optimal, just being around and communicating with others means that their own energy is naturally raised through any
interaction.Working with the Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique will assist in returning you to a state of wholeness; you will be restored to your etheric blueprint and operate on the earth plane at your full potential; you are all Master Beings of Pure Love and Divine Light.

  Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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