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The Elemental Pentagram & Magic Circle by Anna May

EUR 9.99


Price fixed by the founder $ 120

The Pentagram Course Elemental Empowerment includes the magic circle.  In this course you work to balance your energy field by invoking the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

These elements are represented by the ancient symbol of the Pentagram. This pentagram is often represented in a circle and when depicted inside a circle is a symbol of protection.

This 5-star detected within a circle represents the Magic Circle, which I invoke, during my spell in personal rituals and is used by Wiccans and pagans or used as a preparation for the compensation of a sacred space to be used for meditation, rituals, spells and so on.

The club acts as a protective barrier and also ensures that the power of the 5 elements is contained and that the energies that have called are contained within the circle without dissipate before the job is complete.

This is an excellent introduction to those of you who would like to explore the shamanic and pagan practices for the greater good.

The course includes


The Pentagram the Magic Circle, Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit, magic circle as a sacred space magic circle and concentration power spell of the magic circle and called staves.

The opening of the circle, Elemental Invocations, Healing Circle, Simple spells and magic, Consecrate sacred objects.

Preparation for the allocation of your powers Empowerment process.

Facilitate the granting of powers to others.

You receive empowerments distant from each of the elemental staves Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit to help boost the energy vibration after activations.

Once you have studied and practiced the contents of this course you are able to pass the course and the assignment of powers to others.

Receive activation chi ball, manual in English by founder

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